Piercing FAQ

How old do I have to be to get a piercing at Randy Adams Tattoo Studio?

Our requirement is 14 years old and up. For a minor to be pierced we require a picture ID and Birth Certificate for the minor and one of the parents listed on birth certificate must be present with their picture ID also.

See more detailed info under forms tab.

Do I need an appointment to be pierced?


No, we are a walk-in only shop, no appointments required.

How long will my piercing take to be fully healed?


All locations vary in length of time. We are versed in the averages for each location pierced and when you come in we can discuss with you the average healing time for your specific location. 

How do I care for my piercing?

After your piercing procedure we will give you verbal aftercare instructions as well as a printout for later review. 

You may click on Menu tab at top of page, then Forms for an online version of our aftercare instructions.

Can I bring my own jewelry to be pierced with?


We only pierce with our jewelry. We purchase only from American made companies with approved metal specs for their materials and all our jewelry is high polished and internally threaded.

For more information on safe jewelry and piercing practices please visit.

Association of Professional Piercers