Minor Piercings - Important info


Age Requirements:    You must be at least 14 years old to be pierced. In order to be pierced you must bring with you a picture ID, Birth Certificate, and one of your parents listed on your birth certificate must be present with their ID also..


Piercing Restrictions (Is there anything you cannot pierce on a minor?):  

Under no circumstances   is it acceptable, nor is it appropriate for a piercer to perform piercings on the nipples or genitals on an individual under the age of eighteen. This is ethically unconscionable and may be deemed sexual assault in a court of law.



What about changes in my body?


Your body grows and changes well past the age of eighteen. At times when a piercing has been done in what was a completely appropriate place, as your body changes that piercing could move   and no longer be suitable for the individual. It is important when you see   these kinds of changes that you contact your piercer to evaluate if the piercing needs to be removed or if a change in jewelry is necessary.



What if I need to hide it for school or work?


We do have spacer/retainers available   that are clear quartz and hide various piercings very well. Although it is   important to the healing process that you not remove the jewelry at all during the initial healing period. The initial healing period varies in length depending on what type of piercing you have. A tongue piercing could be replaced with a spacer after 4 weeks where as a nostril or naval piercing needs to be at least 12 weeks. When changing the jewelry make sure your hands and jewelry/spacer are freshly washed with and antibacterial soap and water.


When can I change my jewelry?


Again, that is going to depend on what type of piercing you have. Tongue piercing can be changed after 4 weeks.   Any body or facial piercing needs to be at least 12 weeks. Ask you piercer to be certain.



What kind of jewelry can I change it to?


It is never appropriate or recommended that you share your jewelry or even temporarily wear your friends jewelry. We suggest you only use internally threaded jewelry (this is where the ball has a part that screws in to the bar) because this is less harmful to your piercing. It is also important that you have a good quality of metal; it should be very shiny and never gray looking. Mall jewelry is not of good   quality. If you must wear jewelry that was purchased at the mall make sure your   piercing is 100% healed.


What if I exercise or play sports?


Exercise during healing is fine; just listen to your body. If something hurts... stop   and wait a few days before you try again. Try to avoid activities that put undue stress on the area. Your own sweat and bodily fluids are not harmful to your piercing, provided you clean as directed.