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Meet Our Team

Randy Adams - Tattoo Artist

I have been tattooing in the industry beginning 1970. I also like banana shirts.

Andy Martinez - Tattoo Artist

I started tattooing as apprentice under Randy Adams in 1991. I have the best wife ever!

Wil Lefever - Tattoo Artist

Ive been tattooing since 1996. I love Banana shirts.

Cour Vest - Tattoo Artist/Piercer

Ive been at Randy Adams since 2004. I Tattoo and pierce here. I don't particularly like banana shirts.

Robert "Bob" Ulman - Tattoo Artist

I started professionally tattooing in 2003. I love Luna 

Della Slott - Piercer

I have been at Randy Adams since 2017. I have been piercing professionally for 3 years now. i like to keep dead objects in bottles of alcohol.

Cobra - Piercer

The King of serpents, Blessing you with holes you were not biologically gifted with.

Flo Hoes (Customer Service Helpers)

Payton Ybarra - Shift Manager/Floor Gal

I have basically been here my whole life. First as a shop kid, then transitioned into floor gal. I like upside down pineapples.

Stacy "Big Mom" Martinez - Shop Manager

What can I say? I showed up here in 1996 and they have yet succeeded in running me off. So here I stay. 

Frank 'Loumis" Hinnant - Shift Manager/Floor guy

If you come in on a Thursday or Friday, Loumis will be the friendly face that will get you and your tattoo dreams figured out. Don't ask for water from me.

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